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noun. anything that heals or that mitigates pain

verb. to anoint or anything with medicinal properties

A lean, strong, feminine physique


Created by two fitness loving moms, our fitness classes and personal training are uniquely sequenced to build muscle and burn fat, flattering your physique and revealing your leanest, strongest body, without placing undue stress on your joints. Every movement, in every class, is performed with the express intent of strengthening your body to reveal a shapely, compact, and feminine muscle structure. No-impact exercises are always demonstrated, with challenging progressions following. Come see us for tanning, classes and personal training today.

A method unlike any you've tried


Our workouts are thoughtfully designed to:

  • Circuit - plyometric movements, intervals, and strength training exercises incorporate the best of muscle building and fat burning 
  • Firm - strength training for the female physique. 
  • FIIT - boost your metabolism in 45 minutes
  • Flight - a modern spin on step with wrist weights
  • Fierce -sculpt your butt, thighs, and abs
  • Barre - isolate your accessory muscles for a sleek physique
  • Personal Training -individual and small group personal training tailored to meet your goals

First class just $10!- No Commitments or Contracts


For a limited time you can attend your first class for just $10. Why not try it?

After you fall in love, you can drop in anytime or become a Balmshell Member and workout with us on an unlimited basis. We have class packages and memberships that compliment your busy lifestyle and we offer in-studio child supervision too. Register for class, personal training, tanning, or child supervision now. There;s no reason not to!

The Balm Fitness Philosophy

Movement and generosity are the balm of life, the medicine that heals us, the salve that gives perspective to our adversities, the greatest gifts one can receive and give. They shape us, define us, reveal us.  

In-Studio Child Supervision & Airbrush Spray Tanning

Child Supervision

Moms sacrifice enough. They shouldn't have to sacrifice a boutique fitness experience in order to workout with kids in tow. Balm founders, Laura Nigro and Jen Rehm, both long-time fitness enthusiasts, boast an impressive 8 kids between them. That's why we offer child supervision during select class times. Bring your wee ones to our Balm Babies and Buddies Lounge for a nominal fee. Check out our Balm Babies and Buddies schedule here.

Professionally Applied, All-Natural Airbrush Spray Tans

We offer professional spray tanning inside of our boutique fitness studio. Schedule your professional spray tan to follow your favorite fitness class or personal training session led by your favorite trainer. 

We offer several fitness memberships that include professional spray tanning privileges. Tan only memberships and individual tanning sessions are available as well.

Balmshell Testimonials

Haley C. - Centennial, CO

Nobody trains like Laura and Jennifer. They have such great energy and you feel it as soon you walk in the door. Their positive attitudes and passion for helping women achieve their goals is remarkable. I leave feeling energetic, strong, and so confident! I've seen better results working out at Balm than I have at other studios and gyms. Thank you ladies for kicking ass and standing true to your brand!

Marisa D. - Denver, CO.

I came to Balm after working out with a personal trainer for a year and a half, which yielded significant results.  After working out at Balm Fitness, I not only feel that I have maintained the results of my personal training, but actually improved upon them.  Balm's classes are small, which gives their instructors opportunities to provide clients with individual attention.  All the ladies who workout there are serious about their exercise and I have truly enjoyed their camaraderie.  All of Balm's fitness classes are continuously varied to provide maximum benefit for first and long-time clients alike. 

Wendy C. - Denver, CO.

I feel so lucky to have found Balm!  Jen and Laura have created a unique fitness regimen that is thoughtful and incredibly effective.  After dabbling in many different types of classes, I feel I have finally landed!  I love their focus on form, specifically for the female body and avoiding injury.  Their classes have made more changes in my body, more quickly than any other I have taken. 

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