About Balm's Female Focused Fitness Classes

Move Boldly.


When it comes to longevity, she who builds the most muscle wins. Our thoughtfully designed workouts are uniquely sequenced to build strength and flatter the female physique without without placing undue stress on joints. While our workouts are challenging, we always provide low-impact exercises as well as challenging progressions.

Live Beautifully.


 There's nothing more rewarding for our team than helping women set and achieve goals. We love to celebrate how their successes inside of the studio overflow into other areas of their lives. A strong woman is a confident woman and a confident woman is a kind woman. She makes choices from love, rather than fear. She is thoughtful, inquisitive, unstoppable. 

Boutique Fitness Experience. In-Studio Childcare.

Child supervision is available during many of our class times. We'll watch your wee ones while you workout. Register for child supervision when you make your class reservations online.

Professional Spray Tanning - Live Beautifully. Live Healthfully.

We all love a post workout glow! An all natural spray tan will give you a healthy glow that lasts. Schedule a post class or post training session spray tan. Our award winning, professional products are organic, give you quick results, and don't include the risks associated with tanning beds or the sun's rays. All tans are by exclusive appointment only. Call or text to reserve yours! 

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fitness Studio Owners, Instructors and staff

Laura Nigro


 A mother of two, Laura has always lead an active lifestyle, with fitness playing an important role in her life. She is an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor, as NASM Certified Personal Trainer, holds 2 barre fitness instructor certifications and has taught and helped create several fitness class formats. Laura enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, skiing and biking. When she's not instructing, you can find Laura in a hot yoga class (she's an avid yogi)  or cheering on her two active kids at a sporting event. Laura is a Lululemon Ambassador and feels fortunate to have helped other women improve their self confidence and find their inner strength through the power of exercise. 

Jen Rehm


Jen Rehm, wife, and mother of 6, has an extensive background in business, marketing, and fitness. She has recognized success as Co-Founder and former Partner of Barre Forte, boutique barre and dance inspired fitness studios, which currently operates 3 studios in the Denver Metro Area, and licenses to studio owners in Denver and Florida.
In 2013, Jen created a national barre teacher training program, recognized by the American Council on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She is most at home when weight lifting.

Kristie Smith


Kristie, Balm's  official Boss of Everything, grew up in Arkansas, where she became a lover of the outdoors, and practiced ballet. In her college years, she studied history and political science. Her various work experiences include sales and marketing, and even managing a ballroom dance studio. Kristie is a wife and mother of one adorable daughter, who you will likely meet in the studio.  Her favorite Balm format at Balm FIRM.

Carina Clancy


 Carina is a wife and mother of two who grew up on the east coast. Carina made her way west on a division I rowing scholarship. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, women's fitness specialist, and is currently working toward her nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. When she is not in the gym Carina loves to be outdoors on her bike,or on her SUP board. She loves to compete in endurance races and has completed several 70.3 events as well as multiple Gran Fondo bike races.

Amy Lloyd


As a 5th generation Colorado Native, Amy has been instructing and training in Denver for many years. Mother to four, Amy is well known for her kick-boxing prowess and her incredible physique. Her in studio fitness routines keep fer fit for her favorite sports, tennis and skiing. Come try her Balm FIIT, high intensity interval training class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will lifting weights make me look bulky?

Yes, if you consume more calories than your body needs. This applies to all methods of exercise as well as lying on the couch.   

What if I have injuries?

Talk to your trainer before your workout begins. If, during your workout, you recall an injury or you're simply not comfortable with an exercise, speak up. Our exclusive purpose is to help you achieve success. 

How will I know how much weight I should lift?

Your instructor will offer guidelines for deciding how much weight to lift.  You are your only competition. 

How important is diet to achieving a thin, lean, strong physique?

Very! When it comes to losing weight, the type of food you eat is not as important as the number of calories you consume. When it comes to achieving a certain body composition, the types of food you eat are very important. Don’t stress, while we are not nutritionists, we’ll offer you some tried and true guidelines to help you achieve your goals. Eating enough food is just as important to losing weight as not overeating. We also have some excellent resources we can recommend to help you figure out what and how much to eat. Balm's trainers are real women, who eat real food. We'd never advocate for going hungry. We don't want HANGRY clients.  

How often should I exercise?

It depends on your goals and there are different philosophies surrounding this question. Some say 6 days a week, others emphasize total time over frequency. We believe that 6 to 7 days a week is optimal. Without exercise your body signals your brain to “make room at the trough for the next generation.”* Depressing, we know.*Borrowed from Younger Next Year for Women. 

Are Low-Impact Exercises Available?

All of our classes offer low-impact, yet highly effective exercises. No matter your fitness level, we will offer you a variety of modifications and progressions.

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