Balm Fitness class descriptions

Balm Firm - Strength Training for a Feminine Physique


Discover a thinner, leaner, stronger body and increased metabolism with strength training. Each strength training  series features an exciting and challenging new set of exercises performed in low repetition. Our exercises emphasize certain attributes of the female body, while minimizing others, such as traps, forearms, and calves.

Balm FIIT - High Intensity Interval Training


A fast, effective, and variety filled, high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout performed in just 45 minutes. HIIT workouts are known for quickly torching calories and for their ongoing, post exercise calorie burn. HIIT workouts have been proven to torch more calories than longer, moderately paced workouts. While our HIIT workouts are high intensity, they are only high impact if you prefer them to be.

Balm Flight - A Modern Spin on Cardio Step


Experience a full body workout utilizing a platform with low-impact exercises and wrist weights. We’ve incorporated a sequence of large range movements, intermixed with isometric holds and barre exercises to spike the heart rate, burn calories and maximize results.

Balm Fierce - Toning


Focus on sculpting your biggest, calorie burning muscle groups (legs, and butt) and strengthening your body's powerhouse (abs and low back).  By utilizing (low-impact) powerhouse strengthening exercises that recruit your chest, shoulders, and arms, you'll sculpt and strengthen your powerhouse muscles more quickly than with simple ab-centric exercises. 

Balm Circuit


Each participant performs a series of exercises, led by a professional trainer, at their own exercise station. Each circuit features a strength, cardio/plyo, and a core strengthening exercises. Go at your own pace.

cherry hills/denver fitness schedule


6 am - Firm

9 am-Firm


6 am - FIIT

9 am - Flight

11:45 am - FIIT

6 pm - FIIT


6 am - Firm

9 am - FIIT

6 pm - Firm


6 am FIIT

9 am - Fierce

11:45 am - FIIT

6 pm - Firm


6 am - Firm

9 am - Firm


Saturday - 8:15 am Fierce and 9:30 am FIIT

Sunday - 9:00 am FIIT

Memberships and Workout Pricing

Prices subject to change

Professional Air Brush Spray Tanning

We offer all-natural spray tans that include organic ingredients. Experience a professional airbrush spray tan in your home or visit a Balm Fitness studio.  Call or text to schedule your exclusive appointment. Our spray tans are customized to compliment your skin tone and personal preferences. Tanning sessions are by appointment only.

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